Wedding Heels in Singapore

Wedding Heels in Singapore

Bumping into a pair of sparkly heels/shoes is easy when you are not intending to buy one. When I was looking for my wedding shoe, it was an extremely difficult treasure hunt for me. I went to maybe 30+ shoe shops in Singapore & Malaysia just to find my wedding shoes.

Its okay if you can’t afford a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo or won’t risk buying a pair of heels from an online store. I got you ladies covered!

Here are some of the shops that sell affordable and wearable wedding shoes in Singapore. Please note that most of these are high heels are not mules/flats cause your girl is short

  1. Anna Nucci Italy

Anna Nucci Italy
Anna Nucci Italy

Anna Nucci Italy is really your one stop wedding shoe store. Their collection is amazing! They have all sorts of design from high heels, peep toes and even some with Swarovski crystals. The heels height selection is pretty good. My wedding heels were from Anna Nucci. I didn’t experience much difficulty walking in their heels. I was wearing a pair of 4 inches high heels throughout the day & night but started to feel slight pain during the photo taking sessions cause I was standing still for a prolong period of time. Although its a bit pricey… but its worth it cause the crystals doesn’t drop off and the heels didn’t cause any blisters.

2. Aldo

Aldo offers a section just for wedding heels and pumps. They are more wearable and not that bling. Their wedding shoes design are more subtle and offer a lot of nude color options as well.

3. Metro Departmental Store

J West

Try going to a departmental store like Metro, OG or Takashimaya. You will find a lot of hidden gems in there. I got a pair from Metro and it was very comfortable. You will save a lot of time cause they have so many brands there. Thus, these departmental stores are always having sales. I got my pair of golden high heels to match my red dress for $39.

4. Staccato


Staccato is often found in Takashimaya or Robinson Departmental Store. Look out for this brand if you are wanting to get some height in your heels. The stilettos’ bone structure is better compared to other brands. However, something I didn’t fancy about their high heels is the arch. Maybe its just my feet structure that was not compatible with their heels.

5. Pazzion


Pazzion offers a wide range of bridal heels and sandals. If you are looking for pumps or lower heels then this is the place for you. Price point is reasonable and you will maybe even wear the shoes even after the wedding cause of its design and wearability.



Try looking into DMK if you are opting for a slightly cheaper option. Their shoe texture are on the softer side. Although their high heels are comfortable, however the shoe doesn’t hold the shape of your foot very well. Its a give and take!

Life Hack

I have numerous people asking me if wearing high heels during my wedding was torturous. To be honest it was painful only towards the end of the day. The photo taking session made the calf hurt because I was standing very still for like an hour or so.

I did put a lot of clear Vaseline around and at the side of the toes as well as the back (Achilles tendon) of the foot. Therefore, it didn’t cause any blisters.

Some people like me can’t live without having socks on. However, if you are wearing high heels, you can’t possibly be having socks on. And women stockings doesn’t work as well as socks. So I would recommend using Scholl’s Fresh Step foot spray. It keeps your feet dry and prevents any possible odor for sure.

2 months before my wedding, I was wearing 2-3 inches high heels most of the time to allow myself to be comfortable and confident in wearing high heels. These hacks did work for me I hope you ladies will be able to find your pair of beautiful wedding shoes!

Good Luck!