Staycation in Villa Samadhi Singapore

Staycation in Villa Samadhi Singapore

Its 2020. There are travel restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a good staycation for yourself. Villa Samadhi Singapore takes you away from the buzzling Singapore city to a quiet retreat filled with nature and relaxation. Best part… its only 500m away from Labrador Mrt Station!

The Villa Samadhi Singapore

20 boutique rooms housed in a black and white colonial designed villa surrounded by the Labrador Nature Reserve. The theme revolves around a Peranakan and rustic feel. At some point, it will slip off your mind that you are still in Singapore.

Lounge & Breakfast area

We arrived at 2.30pm on a Saturday, however the rooms were not ready. Not too sure if it was due to the fact that they had 20 rooms and had many guest on that weekend or it was a manpower shortage issue. Nonetheless, they provided us with a small high tea spread while we waited for our room. And the spread was delicious!

High Tea Spread

The villa had 4 types of room – the Crib, Luxe Crib, Sarang and Luxe Sarang. We stayed in the Sarang because of the private whirlpool/ indoor jacuzzi feature.

Sarang Bedroom

The rooms comes with a very comfortable King sized bed, cable TV and the Wi-Fi was good. There are lounge chairs placed right outside each room and the doors are made of wood. So it can get a bit noisy at times especially when there are people talking or walking outside your room.

Corridors of the Villa

But of course the main attraction of the Sarang Room is the indoor jacuzzi. I felt that it was worth it to splurge a little more to get this room just for the jacuzzi.

The Sarang Bathroom
Indoor Private Whirlpool

The bathroom has a rain shower and the jacuzzi. The 3 step ladder leads you into the pool. The hotel provides you with a big container of bath salts. Bath salts helps with blood circulation and muscle soreness. In combination with soaking in the warm jacuzzi, it was really relaxing and helped reduced my neck soreness.

The walkway from the Villa to Tamarind Hill Restaurant

At night, the husband and I had our dinner at Tamarind Hill. Still located in the Labrador Nature Reserve, the restaurant serves Thai & Burmese food. We took a 10 minute stroll to the restaurant from our villa.

Tamarind Hill Singapore

The restaurant’s vibe was similar to the Samadhi Villa – black and white colonial rustic feel. They serve a rather scrumptious choice of Thai & Burmese dishes and a commendable list of cocktail selection.

Simple table set up
A Happy & Hungry Panda

Do remember to make reservations for an early timing for dinner. The restaurant was quite pack when it was after 7pm. The authentic Thai tasting food, top-notch service and ambience really makes this restaurant one of a kind.

Night View of the Villa

We did had breakfast at the hotel. There was nothing very special about the breakfast. They provided a menu with 4 or 5 selection of food. The waiter forgot about my pancake. Still not too sure if it was a manpower issue or an incidental thing.

Overall, it was a very relaxing staycation because the environment makes you forget that you are in Singapore. There are hiking/walking tracks near the villa if you guys are interested in hiking.

Nature surrounding the Villa

The staycation was very rejuvenating. There was something about the bed, ambience and the relaxing scent all together. I constantly dozed off and felt the need to sleep…. and I’m not mad at it! Having a good sleep is a need for sure!

Comment down below if you have tried the other rooms, especially if you have tried the Sarang Luxe that comes with a private outdoor pool. I would like to hear your experience regardless!

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The Tamarind Hill Singapore (Thai & Shan Cuisine)

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