Shima Restaurant-Teppanyaki

Shima Restaurant-Teppanyaki

Entrance at Shima Restaurant

Having Teppanyaki always brings back certain excitement and memories reminding me of my holidays to Japan. And as we are all stuck in our country due to the virus, the husband and I decided to try to source for good Teppanyaki in Singapore. Shima Restaurant, the first first Teppanyaki restaurant in Singapore, operating since 1980. Although this restaurant offers other dishes, however this review will only be about its teppanyaki courses.


The Appetizer gets the ball rolling for our Shima Deluxe Teppanyaki Set. The dish was one of my favorite amongst the course meal. The sashimi was very creamy, fresh and what more can you ask for when you are not in Japan!

Buttered Scallops with Garlic Mushroom
King Prawn in Light Creamy Sauce

I wasn’t such a big fan of the Buttered Scallops cause the scallop to begin with was not substantial and the sauce & mushroom was too overpowering in this dish. I felt like the scallop was drowning in the sauce.

However, the King Prawn was a delightful surprise! I could be bias about this dish cause your girl is a big fan of creamy/cheesy food. Nonetheless, the prawn was grilled right and it didn’t taste hard or rubbery.

Norwegian Salmon

Alright now we come to main dishes. The Salmon was a very basic salmon. It was fresh and not crumbly. And cooked in a Teriyaki/Soy sauce sort of base. It was a big thick piece of fish.

Prime Beef Sirloin

The husband and I got two teppanyaki courses, that’s we could both try the Prime Beef Sirloin and Japanese A5 Wagyu. Both beef were cooked at Medium Rare and as you can see from the picture of the Prime Beef Sirloin, it is cooked almost to perfection. The A5 Wagyu in my opinion was not the best choice for this teppanyaki course. At this point of the meal, the A5 Wagyu was quite overwhelming because of the fats and oil. I would recommend opting for the Prime Beef Sirloin.

Japanese A5 Wagyu

The side dishes like the bean sprouts vegetables and garlic fried rice changes up the taste because the salmon, beef and scallop could get quite oily. Nice that they added in the vegetables providing the meal a good balance of taste.

The teppanyaki course ends with a simple platter of dessert that consist of fruits and a Tiramisu cake. Simple and refreshing!

I would travel back to the restaurant because of the Sashimi, Prawn and Prime Beef Sirloin. The ambience is not what I expected it to be, maybe because I assumed it was fine dining. It was quite rowdy and casual. Didn’t really matter to me cause my priority is the food quality. The Teppanyaki Set for the Japanese A5 Wagyu and Prime Beef Sirloin option cost $200 and $120 respectively. I personally felt that the course meal was very comprehensive for its price point. Do check out their ala carte dishes and other Teppanyaki courses.

Shima Restaurant

Address: #01-00, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221

Contact: +65 6734 6281