Pimples & Insecurities

Pimples & Insecurities

I’m someone that has been really blessed with good skin. And having any pimple on my face makes the pimple stand out more obviously. This year I have been having a love-hate relationship with my skin. Face mask + face makeup + sweat = Hot Mess!

2019 Panda

I’m pretty sure it all started when I had a few pimples due to my hormonal cycle and lack of sleep. Had outings and felt the need to pack my face with foundation, concealer and face powder to cover all that mess. Wearing my face mask the whole day and only removing it during meals didn’t make it any better.

I started to break out more only to find myself packing more face make up on my face. It was a vicious cycle!

New friends on my face.

They say that friends come-and-go. However, this friend(s) really gotta go! The first thing I did was to tell myself that I have to prioritize my skin and just allow my skin to breath. Wearing the surgical face mask causes a lot of scratches and increased sweat production of the face.

Wearing the face mask makes me sweat so much. Our face pores acts as a passage way for fluid to leave the body and with the help of evaporation…. it acts as a way to cool off the body. Means when our pores are open, whatever that is on our skin can potentially cause clogged up pores. Therefore, causing our acne, pimples etc.

This brings me to my next point. How old is our face make up? Beauty gurus will tell you that the shelf life of a foundation or concealer is 6 months to 1 year after opening it. And when was the last time you cleaned your face brush/ beauty blender? Think about it and get cleaning guys.

My holy grail product has been this Aloe Vera gel by Fruit of the Earth. I smoldered my pimples with a thick layer of this twice a day. Aloe Vera gel is known to unclog pores and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. So instead of trying to squeeze that pimple, try applying this gel. Don’t expect instant results of course. Just be patient and keep applying the gel.

I decided to start using a night mask once every 4 days. Gotta give my approval on this face mask. The Keana Rice Mask is a combination of Sake and rice bran oil. It actually dried up my pimples faster and gave my face a good glow the next morning. You don’t have to put the face mask sheet for long, 5 minutes of this is good enough.

I maintained using my usual toner, essence and moisturizer cause they were working well for me from the beginning. Keep hydrated and trying to have enough sleep really helps reduce the zits too.

I have been saving money because wearing a surgical face mask and having my face half covered means I don’t have to purchase much face make up products for now. Remember to prioritize your skin rather than to cover it with make up.

Leave a comment down below if you want to share your acne/ pimple experience or if you have any holy grails you want to share.


Products Mentioned:

1.Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel

2.Keana Rice Mask

-Purchased at Welcia BHG

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