Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot Must Haves

Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot Must Haves

Getting my outdoor prewedding photoshoot was such a mental stress for me cause all I was thinking about was the weather, my gown, heels and of course the things to bring. After having to go through one outdoor prewedding photoshoot and as much as I’m happy I did the photoshoot…. I’m glad that I’m over and done with it!

These are the few things that I feel you should bring along to your prewedding photoshoot to make your photoshoot experiences easier and better!

  1. Umbrella
Photo by Pexel

I remembered during my photoshoot, it was so hot at the beginning because we started the outdoor photoshoot at about 2.30pm. After the scorching hot weather and a change in venue, it was raining at 5.00pm when we were at a park. Thank God our photographer came in so prepared with an umbrella for us. You can never predict the Singapore weather.

2. Portable Fan

Photo by Pexel

Similar to the umbrella, the Singapore weather can get so sunny. Get a few of this fully charged portable fan for your outdoor photoshoot. I was wearing a long gown for the shoot and was sweating so much especially at the corset area. This came in so handy to just keep me cool and dry during the photoshoot.

3. Insect Repellant

Photo by Simba

We had one of our photoshoot in a park and was posing beneath a big tree. There were ants literally crawling on my calf and mosquito flying around us. I was in so much discomfort but was trying not to be whiny or difficult. Thus I kept smiling during the whole photoshoot. If you foresee encountering insects or any creepy-crawlies during your photoshoot, just paste one of these on your gown.

4. Body Wipes

Photo by Tena

I had to change my gown for the next location photoshoot. Bear in mind, I was drenched in sweat and felt so itchy because of the insects! I sat in the toilet cubicle honestly feeling so defeated. My makeup artist that followed me during the photoshoot was so sweet, she kept reminding that I should just sit in the cubicle to rest and BREATHE! She gave me these body wipes to wipe myself before putting on the next gown. It made so much difference that I felt so refreshed and happy after cleaning myself.

5. Makeup

Photo by Pexel

If you don’t have a makeup artist tagging along with you for your photoshoot (which is a very common thing), remember to bring along some basic makeup products especially your face powder, lipstick, mirror and an eyeliner. Throughout the day especially if you sweat and change of clothes, you may smudge your makeup or your lipstick may fade off. Its best to have these products prepared.

6. Assorted Containers

Photo by Pexel

Things got so hectic and rushing during the outdoor photoshoot. I am so glad I actually had my jewelry/accessories placed in assorted containers. The last thing you want to do during a hectic situation is to untangle your necklace, trust me! Getting a pill box is a cheap option/hack to store your necklace and earrings.

7. Comfortable Shoes

Photo by Pexel

My photographer strongly encouraged me to wear very comfy sneakers throughout the photoshoot and only wear my high heels if I wanted them featured in my photoshoot. But to be honest, the gown was so long that it covered my feet most of the time. Wearing sneakers allowed me to super comfortable and that was just 1 less to be worried about. Most of the photoshoot required long hours of standing and posing. Trust me, just opt for your sneakers instead of the heels.

8. Huge Bag

Photo by Ikea

In the midst of the chaos, no one has time to arrange things neatly or hang the wedding gown back on the hanger! Due to the time constraint, you will just want to put the unwanted things aside and what better way than to chuck your items into a big recycle bag. It just makes carrying your water bottle, accessories, portable fan etc. around much easier.

9. Snacks/Water

Photo by Pexel

I remember being so busy during the photoshoot that I forgot to eat and by the time I felt hungry, we were not nearby any eatery. Having some energy bar kept on stand by may come in useful just to boost up your energy during the photoshoot. Remember to keep hydrated too, cause the last thing you want is to feel faint during your photoshoot.

10. Get Help

Photo by Pexel

Lastly, please please please remember to get help for your outdoor photoshoot. I paid extra for my makeup artist to tag along for my photoshoot. Honestly, that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life! (laughs)

Having a friend or a help during the photoshoot to tie your gown, check your makeup or just help carry your things is so essential. I felt so handicap in my gown cause it was so tight and long. Its just such a relief to have help cause you can rely on someone and at least try to enjoy the photoshoot.

Taking your wedding photoshoot should be enjoyable and memorable. My final advise I have for you is to get a friend to help out during the photoshoot and leave the props item out of the photoshoot! Just enjoy the moment with your significant other.

I hope this post allows you to be more prepared for your prewedding photoshoot. Leave a comment if there are some other things you think is essential to bring for an outdoor wedding photoshoot.