MLEN Magnetic Eyelash Review

MLEN Magnetic Eyelash Review

Magnetic Eyelashes

I’m sure not all of us are blessed with long fluttery eyelashes. I have tried so many type of mascaras to achieve them fluttery eyelashes and even opted for eyelash extension but often find them hard to maintain. And I know what you are thinking, what about fake eyelashes? Well, your girl had a bad allergic reaction to the eyelash glue, so fake eyelashes is out of the options.


I came across Magnetic eyelashes previously and did purchase them online. Cheap ones that cost less than $8 and gosh they were real gimmicks. Years passed by and so has my interest in these magnetic eyelashes. Until I saw a close friend using these magnetic eyelash from MLEN. And oh-my-gosh… these magnetic false eyelashes looks so good!

Types of Magnetic Eyelashes

The sales agent from MLEN, Irene Law, actually does a one-to-one teaching on how to apply the magnetic eyelashes during your first time purchase. She will assess your eye shape, thereafter give you recommendations on which false eyelashes that may suit you. She is so patient with me, especially cause I took a few tries to get it right. I feel that the face-to-face teaching makes the learning process so much better.

Pouch, Container & Applicator

The box is equipped with an applicator that looks like an eyelash curler, a velvety pouch, eyelash container and of course the magnetic eyelashes. The application of the magnetic eyelashes is rather simple but its essential to keep practicing.


If you don’t put the applicator close enough to your eyelash roots, the false eyelashes may look slightly wonky and droopy. That’s why I felt that the face-to-face teaching really makes a whole lot of difference. I feel that its better to curl your eyelashes before the application. It just keeps the false eyelashes lifted as it follows the curve of your original eyelashes.

Top & Bottom part magnetically joined to form the Eyelash Strip

Basically these eyelashes has a magnetic strip that dupes as eyeliners too. So its actually a two in one deal! The applications starts by separating the eyelashes and align the soft magnet to the magnetic part of the applicator. Place the applicator as if you are using an eyelash curler… and then clip them onto your eyelash. Ensure that you align the applicator as close as you can get to your eyelash roots.

Cleaning Solution

These magnetic eyelashes are reusable therefore they are more ecofriendly. With proper care, cleaning and storing of the magnetic eyelashes, you can get more than 100 times use of these false eyelashes. The whole set cost $78 (SGD). May seem expensive at first, but if you divide out the amount times you get to utilize them, its actually very reasonable.

Eyelashes Storage Box

The false eyelashes uses artificial mink fur quality eyelashes to give that fluttery eyelash look. As for the magnet, it is soft magnet making the band very soft to bend according to your eye shape and removing the false eyelashes will not tug onto your original eyelashes.

Pandas with False Eyelashes

Wearing it for the first few times may seem slightly uncomfortable because I do feel something resting on my lids. I guess its a matter of getting use to the feeling because the eyelashes are in fact very light. Applying the magnetic eyelashes onto the correct spot is also important and helps alleviate any discomfort.

A with & without contrast

Get in touch with a MLEN sales agent today and give these magnetic eyelashes a try. I’m sure these magnetic eyelashes will take your eye look to another level!

Leave a comment down below if you have tried these magnetic eyelashes from MLEN or maybe you have others to recommended.


MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes

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