Indulging in Jiro Imperial Course @ Sushi Jiro

Indulging in Jiro Imperial Course @ Sushi Jiro

Sushi Jiro @ Parkroyal Marina Bay Hotel

Being a big Japanese foodie, the husband brought me for a 10-course Japanese meal at Sushi Jiro for our anniversary. Known for their authentic taste of Japanese cuisine and specializing in their handpicked produce air-flown from Japan… this is closest you will get to experience authentic Japan food, now that travelling to Japan is nearly impossible.

Jiro Imperial Course Menu

The Jiro Imperial Course is a 10-course meal priced at $550 that serves for 2 Pax. This is definitely a treat of indulgence for me cause it is crazy expensive. Read more to find out if this 10-course meal was worth it or a rip off.


Starting off this meal, we were served the appetizer that consist of a bowl of shitake mushrooms served in a starchy umami sauce. A piece of friend yam served in the middle. In the bigger bowl, there was a smoked duck, nuts and a pumpkin cake. I didn’t feel that there was anything outstanding in this appetizer… it just tasted… okay.


You are allowed to choose between the Shirako (Fish Sperm) or the Scallop. And of course we chose the Shirako because its not commonly found in SG. I guess its a dish that is good to try, but I would not want to eat it again! (laughs) Its was just a bit bitter and had an alkaline taste, which I don’t enjoy.


This oyster, hands down has got to be the most fresh oyster I have ever had… at least in Singapore. I don’t enjoy eating fresh oysters cause they have this salty “sea-side” taste. However, this oyster was extremely fresh and juicy. I would go back to this restaurant just for their oysters!


The abalone has a similar sauce used for the Shitake mushrooms. It was starchy with a strong umami flavor. The abalone was cooked very well as it didn’t have a tough chewy texture. It was cooked to the right texture and the sauce really compliments the abalone.

Aji Fish

Aji Fish is a horse mackerel that is a silver-skinned fish usually used in sushi. But it can be ate raw or cured with salt. It was my first time having this. I felt that the texture of the fish was quite tough to my liking.

A5 Wagyu Beef

I had high hopes on this dish because its A5 wagyu. I think that the quality of the beef was fine but the beef was smoldered in too much sauce that really killed the taste of the beef. I liked the asparagus, fried garlic and ginseng garnished at the side. I just felt that the beef could’ve been better with less sauce.

Tuna Sashimi

This tuna sashimi platter comprised of the Otoro (fattiest part of the tuna), Chu toro (mixture of both) and Akami (main part of the tuna fish). The tuna was so fresh and I really enjoyed the Chu-toro and Otoro. The Otoro just melts in your mouth. This dish is truly the highlight of the course meal.

8 pcs Sushi

The sushi platter had 8 assorted types of sushi fish which consist of tuna and other mackerel fishes. I only know what 4 of the sushi tasted like cause the assorted sushi is shared amongst the two of us. It was nice that we could see the chef make the sushi in front of us which is 1 of the perks of booking a counter table.

Uni Ikura with Caviar

This dish is so so bougie! Its Uni (sea-urchin) lying on a bed of Ikura (salmon roe) topped with caviar and golden flakes. It is a very very good dish! I usually don’t enjoy the taste of sea urchin, but I can taste that this sea urchin is very fresh. Definitely a must try if you are a big sea urchin fan.


The dessert comes with two pieces of melon and two choices of ice cream. We went with their famous option which is the Yuzu and Green Tea. I would say that the dessert really complements the whole meal. The melon was so sweet and juicy. The matcha ice cream was very creamy and the green tea taste was very prominent but I enjoyed the Yuzu sorbet more because of its citrusy taste.

We got a seat at the counter table facing the chefs as they prepare the sashimi and sushi. It made the whole experience really great. Their service was very good and the chefs are Japanese. They will try their level best to explain each dish in English. It really made me feel as if I am back in Japan cause they are so service oriented. Trying this Imperial course was a good general introduction to the restaurants’ food. However, I felt that there were only a few dishes that I truly enjoyed. Nonetheless, the food quality was very top notch and I will definitely want to go back to the restaurant in the future for the Sashimi and Oyster.

Sushi Jiro

Address : 6 Raffles Boulevard #04-600 Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay 

Contact: 6445 3055