Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

If you are thinking of flying off to Hong Kong because Singapore finally gave the green light to go Hong Kong. You might want to make space for Hong Kong Disneyland in your itinerary. Especially if growing up with Disney was your childhood and you are wanting all that nostalgia feels.

Train to Disneyland Resort

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland wasn’t too much of a hassle. There are various way of getting to Disneyland Resort eg Taxi, Bus or Mass Transit Railway (MTR). However, I would recommend getting there via MTR. The station to alight is at Sunny Bay Station. Thereafter, there is a train that runs back and forth Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort station.

Hong Kong MTR map

Hong Kong Disneyland is located very near the Hong Kong airport. Thus planning your itinerary to visit Disneyland on your first day of arrival or at the last few days of your visit might be beneficial. Especially if you consider staying overnight at the Disneyland Resort. Thereafter you can head to the airport the following day. But if you are not staying overnight, there are luggage storage lockers for rent near the Disney Resort MTR Station.

Tickets & Guide Map

We stayed overnight in the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. The Disneyland park tickets were purchase during the hotel booking. The hotel package we chose gave us three express tickets to selected rides. Thus there was not much hassle or waiting time to get in the park as we obtained our Disneyland tickets during our hotel check in.


I would say that the highlight of the park was the Iron Man Experience. Could be a bias choice or maybe because I don’t enjoy roller coasters and this ride isn’t one. Disneyland has various theatre shows. Definitely recommend checking the schedule beforehand so you don’t miss the shows.

Toy Story Land

The park have various themes and attraction but the park is not very big. Unless you are into waiting in lines for a roller coaster ride. Viewing the whole park shouldn’t be an issue especially if you spend a full day there. Just take note that the lines for certain rides can be quite long. Hence, the express tickets really do come in handy.

Mickey Waffle

If you enjoy taking pictures of your food like me….you will go crazy for sure. The food might not taste very good but I’m sure you will get some cute pictures throughout the day.

With Winnie the Pooh

Your girl is afraid of roller coasters and would rather spend the day with all the Disney characters. The poor husband had to accompany me to scout for cute food and to look out for the Disney mascots. The characters doesn’t come out often so remember to get a picture with them if you bump into them.

Swarovski Mickey Necklace

The souvenirs and shopping items in Disneyland are very unique. Although you are paying a higher price for things. However just bear in mind that you may not be able to get these items anywhere else. So if you see something you like in the park… chances are you might not see them anywhere else cause they are very Disneyland exclusive.

Disneyland Shopping

If you are staying in the Disneyland hotels, they provide delivery service of your shopping goods to your hotel room. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to carry your shopping items everywhere you go. Just some perks of staying at their hotels.

Disney’s Paint the Night Parade

Staying towards the night is highly recommended if you like seeing the Disney Characters, parades and fireworks. Disney goes big on their lights and fireworks display.

Disney Castle at Night

Comparatively to other Disneylands, Hong Kong Disneyland is known to be the smallest. Nonetheless, it still brings the magical and nostalgia feel while you are there. There is something for everyone eg roller coasters, theatre shows, shopping and having extremely cute food. Thus, its funny to see Mickey and his friends speak in Cantonese.

Leave a comment down below if you have been to Hong Kong Disneyland and would like to share your experience.


Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Outlying Islands