High Tea @ St. Regis Singapore

High Tea @ St. Regis Singapore

High Tea seems to be a therapeutic way for me to get away from the busy life here in Singapore. At what better way then to have your high tea in the majestic St Regis Singapore. Located in Tanglin Rd, the classy hotel houses Brasserie Les Saveurs. A French themed restaurant that serves their high tea everyday. Read more for my full review of their high tea menu.


The high tea has only one menu unless you have some allergies to their food then they might change up the dish for you. You are allowed to choose between coffee or tea that comes in the high tea set. Unless you are a champagne drinker, then it will be a slightly more expensive high tea set for that. Their tea is from TWG, and their tea selection was pretty good. I went with the Lemon Bush Tea, that is of course my favorite TWG tea.

Savoury & Sweet Display

The two tier display comes with their savories on the top tier and the sweet & scones at the bottom. I had my high tea alone, therefore this is the food display. Which is rather simple but pretty in my opinion. I feel that the chefs put a lot of attention in the decoration details of each treat and dish.

St Regis Scone Basket

Starting of with the baked treats known as their St. Regis Scone Basket. The two scones consist of 1 scone with raisins (Raisin Scone) and the other is a buttery scone topped with sugar on top (St Regis Scone). The raisin scone was nicer as it was a less sweet base… that also meant I could dollop more spread on it! The scone came with Clotted Cream, Jam and Lemon Curd spread. The clotted cream and lemon curd was sooooo good! Great pairing of the fresh baked scones and delicious spread. The citrus madeleines was a bit of a lack luster for me as I didn’t taste much citrus in it.


Jumping into the savory bits, I felt that the dishes were quite bizarre for my liking. The food combination is very unexpected which didn’t taste all that bad. I enjoyed the Grilled Unagi & Wakame Tea sandwich and the Chicken Caesar Roll. However the Beef Pastrami & Onion Jam sandwich just wasn’t to my liking.

Asparagus Veloute

This was one dish that I truly enjoyed! It was unique and a great mixture of unconventional flavors. Just remember to have it hot! I left mine for a while which didn’t give much justice to this yummy dish. It was an asparagus veloute which is a white creamy savory sauce. This dish had a poached egg in it and it was drizzled with Parmesan Ezpuma on in giving the dish a salty hint. The breadstick was just an accompaniment to this dish. I could have the dish alone without needing any bread or so. Soooo good!


The sweet treats was alright in my opinion, however I didn’t quite enjoy the dark chocolate cake as it lacked moisture. Besides that, I really liked the Paillete Feuilletine, a crispy confection at the bottom and topped with mascarpone cream and raspberry crisp giving the dish a tardy citrusy taste. The Red Raspberry Shortcake was sweet and creamy. The sweet treats comes with assorted pralines and a macaron.

Strawberry & Champagne

This last dish is hands down the best dish throughout the whole high tea. It is basically fresh strawberries drenched in champagne foam. The fresh strawberries was soaked into this champagne goodness. The dish is topped with mint leave and pistachios giving the dish a fresh taste. Definitely a must try!

There a few hits and miss for the high tea dishes. But the good ones were truly an indulging experience such as the Asparagus Veloute, Paillete Feuilletine and the Strawberry & Champagne dessert. The high tea is priced at $48+ but comes with a variety of treats and dishes. The restaurant changes up their high tea set menu over time. Overall, their service was top notch and the ambience was rather classy and beautiful.

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St Regis Singapore (Brasserie Les Saveurs)

Address: 29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Level, The St Regis Singapore, Singapore, 247911

Contact: +65 6506 6860