High Tea at TWG Singapore

High Tea at TWG Singapore

My ideal way of spending a free afternoon/evening is to sit in a café, enjoying tea and cake and what better way than to have it at the Singaporean luxury teahouse chain, TWG.

Table/Cutlery Set Up

Known for their wide variety of macaron and tea classified by color: red, white, yellow, green, blue and black. You are bound to find a tea that you enjoy in this teahouse.

Photo from TWG

Decided to have a self care moment as I made a trip to TWG Ion Singapore for a solo high tea. They offer a few different high tea package from 2-6pm. I decided on the Fortune set and tried their Truffle Croque, lemon meringue tart patisserie and their delicious macarons.

Food Tier Display

For the Fortune set, you have a choice of either a Croque Salmon, Truffle Croque or the Manhattan sandwich for your savory selection. I had to go with the mushroom croque because I just can’t say no to truffle anything.

Truffle Croque

The truffle wasn’t too overpowering in my opinion. However the croque was very hefty and they gave three of this! With the croque bring very buttery and slightly oily, I was very much over the sandwich already by the time I was at my third croque.

Lemon Meringue Patisserie

Its nice that you can have the patisserie and macarons to change up the flavor. And together with the tea, it really helps to cleanse the palate. I decided to go with the lemon méringue patisserie instead of the scones. Just because I am a sucker for sour refreshing desserts! And this tart has that refreshing zesty sour lemon taste. But mixed with the sweet meringue, it is the right balance of sweet and sour. Definitely give this tart a try if you are dining at TWG.

Photo by TWG

TWG is known for their macarons, where two sweet pieces meringue made with almond powder and egg whites sandwiches a smooth tea-infused ganache. I opted for the ‘Napoleon Tea & Caramel’, ‘Lemon Bush Tea’ and the ‘Number 12 Tea & Tiramisu’ macaron.

Macarons Display

The caramel taste was very prominent in the ‘Napoleon Tea & Caramel’ macaron that I couldn’t taste the tea infused flavor. Similar to the ‘Lemon Bush Tea’ macaron, in which the sour lemon taste was very robust. The ‘Number 12 Tea & Tiramisu’ macaron however had a very distinctive tea infused taste. Nonetheless, all three of the macaron tasted great and I will definitely be back to give all the flavors a go next time round!

Red Mountain Tea

With all the robust flavor and taste of the delicious food, its nice to cleanse the palate with their tea. The waitress recommended the Red Mountain tea as I asked her to suggest a fruity tea for me. The tea was more sweet and it had a hint of a berry taste for me. Definitely very much up my alley cause I’m not into the bitter tea taste.

Lemon Bust Tea

The Fortune set was slightly on the pricier side in my opinion. The portion of each food was very big especially the truffle croque. Therefore, if you prefer to have a variety of food for your high tea, this place may not be suitable. Nonetheless, if you are into Tea variety and freshly-made macarons, this is definitely the place to be.


Start your 2021 with better self care, love and alone time especially with food or whatever you enjoy doing. Comment down below on any other High Tea recommendations for this Panda to try.


TWG Singapore

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