Hair Loss Talk

Hair Loss Talk

Hair Loss. Some of us are just blessed with a head full of thick hair… while the rest of us aren’t. My hair has always been rather fine since I was young. But it was not to a point where hair fall was an issue.

My hair loss and thinning got worst after I made a reckless decision to color my hair when I was a college student. Yeah, college student meant that I wanted to save money and I didn’t go to a salon to get it dyed. Instead, I bought those self dye products from your local drug store. Worst part… I did it twice!

That’s me with a bald spot. Didn’t realized it until I saw candid pictures of myself

I started going to a hair salon to seek for more professional advise and started on scalp and hair treatments. I met Edmund from De Sand Salon at Anchorpoint shopping mall. If it wasn’t was Edmund, I think I would look like Smiggle from Lord of the Rings by now! He advised me to refrain from tying up my all the time. If I have to, its better not to tie it too tight. He advised me to keep my hair short/maximum shoulder length cause having long hair actually weighs it down. Though his treatment is a bit expensive, however the scalp and hair treatment definitely helped to strengthen my hair roots.

I was getting my scalp and hair treatment maybe about 5 times a year for the first year. And gradually cut it down to twice a year until now.

Here are some of my daily hair care products that have aided me in my hair loss recovery.

I have tried different types of shampoo just to see which one suits my hair requirements. Though there are some that really scares me after I shower due to the hair fall it causes. However, I feel that experimenting with different shampoo really helps you to look for a shampoo that works for you. Its essential to identify whether your scalp is oily or dry. Generally identifying your hair & scalp requirement is key in order for you to find something that suits you.

For me, Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo and the Hair Loss Care Treatment works wonders for my hair and scalp. The product has Ginseng extract. Basically, ginsenoside found in ginseng combats hair follicle miniaturization and strengthens the hair roots.

The Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment is used after shampoo. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and wash it off. It leaves your scalp feeling minty cool after the wash. That’s the best part! Do explore their wide range of shampoo and hair care products.

My hair roots were so weak that lack of sleep, stress or even frequent consumption of instant noodles will enhance the hair fall. It can be madness at times. On days when I notice or experience more hair fall, I apply Natur Vital Hair Loss Tonic just before bed. Dab it in between the scalp and give your head a good massage. Do it 2-3 times a week and you will see your hair loss reduction. Only use this on a necessary basis though. Its not recommended for daily use.

I always believe its important not to neglect the food that we are putting into our body. I was a student when my hair loss escalated. Pretty sure it was contributed by the instant noodles and fast food I was consuming back then. Moderation is key! Its okay to indulge in those delicacies but I think its important to eat your greens, fish and meat regularly.

The Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin supplement really helped me in my hair thickening. I’m a bit lazy to monitor my Biotin and Zinc intake. Therefore, I just pop this pill once a day. As the contents helps with collagen formation, hair strengthening and it maintains hair integrity. Some of the main component are Equisetum Arvense, Biotin and Zinc.

Biotin is a type of Vitamin B that supports hair growth. This vitamin is found in meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts etc. Whilst, Zinc deficiency causes hair loss.  Your rich Zinc food consist of cheese, spinach, chicken, beef, shrimp etc. I try to increase my intake of fish, chicken and vegetables because eating the real food is always better than taking a supplement. I do see good results for my hair loss after my change in diet.


So here is my journey of Hair Loss recovery. I just hope I will be able to help a few of you guys out there that are having the same issue as me. These stuffs worked for me but it took me a period of 4-5 years to get to where I am now. Its definitely far from what I wish for my hair to be. Nonetheless, I do see a lot of improvements and I am truly blessed by that.

2020. My hair loss recovery

Good Luck guys!

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Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo

Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment

Natur Vital Hair Loss Tonic

Blackmores Hair, Skin & Nail Supplement

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