Foreo Luna 3 Review

Foreo Luna 3 Review

Foreo. The Swedish brand commonly known for their electrical toothbrush, eye massager and facial cleanser . I have been using Foreo’s facial cleanser for more than 4 years now and have honestly nothing bad to say about the brand. Its so simple, effortless and it saves me so much time on my facial skin routine.

My facial routine after a long day of work is made simple by this device. I usually wear a full face of make up when I’m out at work. I jump straight to skin cleansing… skipping the usage of make up remover. Here, I’m using Shiseido’s Complete Cleansing Microfoam. This cleanser removes make up, cleanses the skin and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

The bristle of the brush is made of silicon which makes the cleansing process very gentle onto the skin. Through the Foreo app, you can customize your cleansing program. With 16 different T-Sonic intensities to choose from, you can customize your preferred intensity. The pulsation really feels like a face massage while it reaches into your pores to wash away dirt, oil, sweat, make-up residue, dead skin cells etc.

Charging point is at the back of the device giving you 650 uses on a single charge. The product is 100% water proof and it comes in 3 types of bristles specific for your skin type: Normal skin (Pink), Sensitive skin (Purple) and Combination skin (Blue).

My facial cleansing routine only takes a minute to get all my make up off! Price point may be slightly on the pricier side. But battery life of this device lasts for a really long time. Most importantly, the gentle silicon bristle and T-sonic pulsation really removes the dirt on the skin. This makes absorption of you toner and moisturizer so much easier!

If you have tried any other products from Foreo… do leave a comment down below.

Till then… Cheers!

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Foreo Luna 3

Shiseido Complete Cleansing Micro foam

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