COACH & Sephora Collection Uni Face Palette Review

COACH & Sephora Collection Uni Face Palette Review

When Sephora Collection was having a collaboration with the famous COACH to release a face palette… it was honestly a dream come true for me cause I love these brands. Although, COACH doesn’t do make up and certain products from the Sephora Collection can be questionable….. but seriously though.. This face palette is really good! I bought it initially because of the packaging but ended up loving the product even more. The packaging is fun, quirky and colorful. Thus, the details on it screams COACH that brings such an elegant touch to the palette. Read on for my full review on this face palette.

The palette’s casing is hard and sturdy and has rose gold keychain on top… which honestly… I don’t think I’ll be using it. But yeah it gives an elegant touch to the palette. Attached to it also has a COACH tag on it which I 100% am in love with. The unicorn on the palette is inspired by Uni which is a mascot from COACH.

Rose Gold Keychain

The palette is able to open up by lifting up the cover or by swiping the cover side ways. Which I feel is nice because usually palettes only have one way of opening it up, so its nice that there are varieties here. This palette comes with a mirror inside. However, the mirror isn’t a good mirror cause its so blurry. I just wished they would’ve provided us with a better mirror.

The face palette comes with 3 pigmented shades. Rose-a soft nude pink blush. My favorite kind of blush for an everyday kind of make up look. This blush is very very pigmented. My advise is to use a stippling blush brush and to use a light hand when you are applying this blush. This blush stayed on so pigmented on my cheeks throughout 9 hours of having it on and plus I was using my face mask and it didn’t smudge or fade off.

Color Swatch

Bronze- is a radiant highlighter. On the swatch, it looks like the highlighter may be too dark on fairer skin tones, but using a light hand and preferably a highlighter feather brush… I’m sure anyone can pull off this highlighter. Definitely recommend to start off light-handed. Cause you can always add on more if you want more of that glow. This color is so beautiful that I would actually use it as my eyeshadow shimmery color.

Clay- is a matte brown bronzer. This bronzer was a bit tricky to work with at first cause it came out slightly streaky and patchy. Definitely had to start off light and do a lot of blending. The color is gorgeous though, it just requires more blending cause its not that creamy and blendable as compared to other bronzers.

Uni face Palette

The palette has a magnetic close and its quite thin so its good for travelling or having it in your handbag. The colors are definitely pigmented and the colors do built up, which is a good thing for all skin tones. The packaging hands down is a winner for me. Its so classy and elegant. I will definitely be getting a lot of use from this beauty from now.

Leave a comment down below if you have tried other COACH & Sephora Collection collaboration products.

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COACH & Sephora Collection Uni Face Palette

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