Clip ‘N Climb Home Team NS

Clip ‘N Climb Home Team NS

I’m not usually a very adventurous person maybe because of my job. Being a nurse and especially an Orthopedic Nurse, I seem to be the one always looking out for others and telling people to be careful. Seeing how my patients obtain a fractured clavicle or a torn ligament really does hinder me from doing a lot of extreme activities. When my bestfriend decided that we should try rock climbing. Girl…I was so afraid and was already picturing the potential sprains and fractures that could occur.

I then did some research and found Clip ‘N Climb in Home Team NS Tampines. The activity is literally the name of the venue. Clip and Climb.

A Panda with a harness on, clipped and preparing to climb!

Its an indoor event so you wouldn’t have to worry about the rain or shine. And there is aircon in there! That’s already a plus for me. Located at Level 3 of Home Team NS Tampines, you would think that the wall obstacles are short cause its indoor. Oh no…. its not short at all! The 19 climbing challenges really puts you in a great adrenaline rush. You need to strategies before the climb and try to be agile during the climb. You will tire out quickly if you stay up there for too long .

1 of the 19 Climbing Challenges

Do remember to be slightly early cause there will a briefing conducted just before they allow you climb. Your designated instructor will teach you on how to clip your harness and will demonstrate the climb. Once you have reached the top, you will have to let go and it pretty much feels like rappelling/abseiling down a vertical drop. I would say that is low-key the scariest part of the climb.

Manage to squeeze in a Selfie in between the climbs

Each climb challenge has its own difficulty so if you are scared of heights, there are some walls for you, not to worry.! Although is it satisfying to climb the wall successfully. Nonetheless if you feel exhausted or just scared, you can always let go and rappel down. Having the harness and clip on really allay my fears of falling or getting hurt. Therefore, I felt like I could genuinely enjoy myself. Thus, there was an assigned instructor to guide you if you are struggling with your climb.

Rappelling the wrong way. Please do not follow!

We went on a weekday during office hours so we were the only ones in the whole venue. We were extremely lucky because according to our instructor, weekends and after office hours could get very crowded and you might need to queue just to do a climb. So, try to avoid those periods if you want to have the venue for yourselves.

The venue is children friendly and encourages parents to participate with their kids in the challenges. Try to minimize the items you are bringing because there were shelves provided to put your bags but it isn’t a locker. That was a bit inconvenient. There isn’t a vending machine in the area so remember to bring your bottled water cause the climb can get really tiring.

Registration can be done online by booking your selecting time slots through the Home Team NS App. Payment is made during booking and you will receive an email with a QR code and your booking details in it. Home Team NS members, Passion card and Safra card holders gets discounted rates. Each session is 90 minutes but you can add in additional time climb to your session.

Do check out their website on the link below to know more and if you want to make a booking. Its definitely worth your 90 minutes!

Clip ‘N Climb Home Team NS Tampines

Venue : 1 Tampines Walk , #03-03 (Our Tampines Hub)  Singapore 528523

Contact : +65 6705 9410