Best Facial Cleanser

Best Facial Cleanser

Choosing a facial cleanser can be such a hassle as most of the time we wouldn’t know what suits our skin until we actually try the product. That also means having to buy the actual product just to find out that your skin in not suitable for it. I highly recommend checking out Sephora’s wide range of facial cleansers that comes in travel size packaging. Hence, you will be able to try out new facial cleansers and discover what’s good for your skin without having to burn a hole in your wallet. I tend to switch up my facial cleanser every once in a while. I feel that it helps my skin to adapt to new products and I love trying new facial products. I do not have sensitive skin, so it works well for me.

Shiseido Facial Cleanser and Foreo Cleanser

My skin leans more towards a normal skin type but I do have an oily T-zone. I have tried various facial cleansers and was able to narrow down to these 3 facial cleanser. I recommend assessing your skin first before buying a facial cleanser. Each facial product aims to serve every skin type, therefore I’m sure you will be able to find a facial product that suits you. I truly believe that splurging on facial products to better care for the skin is not a waste of money. Read on to find out my Top 3 favorite Facial Cleansers.

My favorite facial cleanser brand has definitely got to be Shiseido’s facial cleansers. This brand is a dream! Every single facial product doesn’t disappoint. But my all time favorite has got to be Shiseido’s Complete Cleansing Microfoam. This cleanser has Kirishima mineral spring water that contains rich minerals with the right balance of magnesium and calcium. That sure sounds fancy! The 180ml bottle comes with a pump that creates a frothy white foam facial cleanser.

The cleanser removes make up and impurities on the face. This product never fails to remove my full face of make up and tbh… I do not use make up remover to remove my make up. This facial cleanser does the job so well and saves me so much time. After using this cleanser, the skin feels very supple and fresh. Highly recommend!

My next favorite facial cleanser is another Japanese brand. The Japanese brands just does facial products so well. Tatcha’s Deep Cleanse can be used as a daily cleanser and its highly recommended for oily, uneven textures and clogged pores. The cleanser contains Japanese luffa fruits. The ground fibers from the Japanese luffa fruit exfoliate, decongest pores and deeply purifies the skin. I truly enjoy using this product because I love a good gentle luffa scrub on my skin. My skin always feels less oily and it really helps improve the appearance of pores.

Last but not least, one of my top pick for facial cleanser has got to be Fresh’s Soy Facial Cleanser. This cleanser contains soy proteins, cucumber extracts and rose water. Amino acid-rich soy proteins help maintain skin elasticity. While calming cucumber extract aids in soothing the skin and rosewater is notable for its calming and balancing properties. This facial cleanser removes make up which is a big plus point for me! Something that I love about this cleanser is that its suitable for all skin types. Using this facial cleanser leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth.

These are my top picks for facial cleansers that I have repeatedly purchase them because they are just so good. I would love to hear your thoughts on these products. Or maybe if you have any facial cleansers that you would like to recommend to me. Keep those comments coming in.

Till then… Take care and stay safe.

Products Mentioned

  1. Shiseido Complete Cleansing Microfoam
  2. Tatcha Deep Cleanse
  3. Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser

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